The Core Competencies of a Modern CFO (SA)

Strategy. Finance. Leadership

"We require a finance strategist that can transform the finance function from data-capturing to a business partner that produces business value."

CFO (SA) - The Master of the Finance World

The Certified Financial Officer (Cert. Fin. Officer (SA)) holds an executive position within a company and provides high level financial and strategic insights to rethink, automate, lead and scale their businesses. Being able to create value through measuring and monitoring business performance is one of the most important parts of being a modern CFO (SA) and leader of the finance function.

CFO Competencies

It is expected of the modern CFO (SA) to master certain competencies and ensure he/she has the required attributes necessary for the CFO(SA)’s evolving role in business. Click HERE for a detailed list of attributes and competencies.

SAIBA Academy offers various CDP events to support and advance the CFO(SA)’s necessary skill set.

Fulfill your Climate and Sustainability Reporting Responsibilities with confidence

The preparation and license will empower you to own and drive the climate agenda.

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Maintain your expertise with our cost effective Executive CPD Bundles

Maintain your expertise with our Executive CPD events (recorded webinar)

R 998 VAT Incl.
This session will discuss the mistakes to avoid as you climb the ladder of success.
R 998 VAT Incl.
To be successful, accountants must provide quicker information availability to impact organization results.
R 998 VAT Incl.
This course will provide strategies to give and accept feedback graciously, and provide non-offensive feedback...
R 998 VAT Incl.
This session will review the intent and practical application of the COSO framework for maximum...
R 998 VAT Incl.
We cover what the accountants of today should know about Excel to improve their efficiency,...
R 998 VAT Incl.
How you communicate with your internal and external customer can make or break your career!
R 998 VAT Incl.
As you advance in your career you will need to develop leadership skills to match...
R 998 VAT Incl.
Goal-setting is key for individuals who want to ensure that they are setting the right...
R 998 VAT Incl.
In this course, Tom Hood shares why collaboration matters now, what collaboration really is, how...
R 1430 VAT Incl.
If you want to take your business to the next level, your leaders need to...
R 1430 VAT Incl.
Attendees will walk away focused, clear on priorities and issues, healthier as a leadership team,...
R 998 VAT Incl.
Innovation is key to finding success in the face of change – but how do...
R 998 VAT Incl.
In this FutureReady course, Tom Hood explains how Strategic Foresight is crucial to preparing your...
R 998 VAT Incl.
Research has shown that a healthy workplace culture isn’t just good for morale – it’s...
R 998 VAT Incl.
Against the backdrop of change and uncertainty, there’s an immediate need for the CPA Firm...
R 0 VAT Incl.
Online panel discussion to discuss the threats and risks that face economies and assisting accountants...
R 1975 VAT Incl.
Obtain more insight into developing skills required for finance business partnering in preparation for senior...
R 0 VAT Incl.
This course has been designed specifically for SAIBA members to ensure Ethics compliance. August 2021
R 465 VAT Incl.
This course will discuss the importance and skills needed to provide excellent customer service.
R 4138 VAT Incl.
Understand the best practices of leading-edge controllers and CFO's.
R 1105 VAT Incl.
What it means to develop a digital mindset, covering topics such as digital technologies, growth...
R 4445 VAT Incl.
Learn how to assess the cybersecurity needs of your organization and clients to help implement...
R 10375 VAT Incl.
This certificate program will teach students how to help their clients navigate threats by becoming...
R 7135 VAT Incl.
This certificate program will focus on robotic process automation benefits and how the use of...
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