Complimentary CPD for members relating to Operational Functions and Administrative Tasks

Core CPD includes “How to” guides and topics that demonstrate the practical application of operational processes and administrative procedures within the accounting function. It is helpful for experienced as well as newly qualified accountants and ensures industry wide adoption and standardisation improving quality and speed of deployment.

CORE CPD is part of SAIBAs holistic approach to CPD for members. Career growth is not linear a fluid succession of jobs, different functions, and ever-changing software applications. That means our CPD should also be fluid.

The successful completion of an assessment within certain units contributes between 30 min to 3 hours CPD. In total the Core CPD will award at least a minimum of 15 hours CPD per year.

A variety of topics are included, herewith a list of certain topics:

  1. Statutory registrations (SARS): How to guides to SARS eFIling
  2. Statutory registrations (CIPC: A practical guide to the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission
  3. Statutory registrations (SDL): A practical guide to Skills Development Levy
  4. Statutory registrations (UIF): A practical guide to Unemployment Insurance Fund
  5. Statutory registrations (WCA): A practical guide to Workman’s Compensation
  6. How to market your business and yourself
  7. Drafting workpapers for Financial Statements
  8. How to set up a chart of accounts, journalise transactions, perform adjusting journals that enhance understandability and decision making
  9. How to perform accounting officer and review engagements
  10. How to apply for government business grants for your clients
  11. How to add advisory services to your firm (analysis, management accounting, insurance, performance management, estate planning, etc)
  12. How to implement qualify management within your firm
  13. How to become a financial planner
  14. How to enter into a strategic alliance with a bigger firm
  15. How to prepare engagement letters
  16. How to issue client confirmation letters
  17. How to reconcile accounting and tax calculations
  18. How to set up a virtual practice
  19. How to engage with government departments/agencies that regulate or support SMEs
  20. How to use time effectively
  21. How to prepare financial statements for different type of entities

How to access your Core CPD

Core CPD are loaded directly to the SAIBA Academy profile of members in good standing.

  1. Login to SAIBA Academy
  2. My Dashboard
  3. My Courses
  4. Select Start next to Core CPD

Email if Core CPD is not loaded to your profile.

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