Continuous Professional Development

The Mark of Professionalism

Smarter Accountants

Business Accountants that invest in their own development are aware of legislative changes and developments in the profession and are therefore better equipped to advise on and benefit from these changes.

CIBA Academy delivers exclusive CPD for CIBA members, and collaborate with various professional bodies, associations, and providers to make CPD available to you that is both comprehensive, affordable, and internationally comparable.

CIBA follows a four tier CPD structure:

Engaging in CPD activities ensures that both academic and practical qualifications do not become outdated or obsolete, and allows for individuals to continually ‘up skill’ or ‘re-skill’ themselves regardless of their occupation, age or educational level.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a record of what you experience, learn and apply. It is a commitment of professionals towards the enhancement of knowledge and proficiency throughout their careers

Maintain your professional expertise.

CPD ensures professionals continue to be competent in their trade or profession. Engaging in CPD activities ensures that both academic and practical qualifications do not become out-dated or obsolete; allowing individuals to continually ‘up skill’ or ‘re-skill’ themselves.

Grow your professional skillset and your career prospects with CPD.

Achieve competence in specific areas that require additional knowledge and expertise by completing CPD events that addresses specialist or new areas.

Stay ahead

Get ahead by increasing your credibility, transparency, accountability and stay relevant in terms of compliance and governance.

Boosts productivity and provide better services to your clients

CPD enables you to learn faster and more productive ways of performing your services to your clients.

Yes, SAIBA, as a professional body registered with SAQA and a SARS Registered Controlling Body (RCB) is required in terms of:

  • the Companies Regulations,
  • 2010
    the National Qualifications Framework Act, 67 of 2008
  • Best practices and
  • SARS legislation
  1. to require members to do CPD,
  2. to manage members CPD
  3. to monitor their CPD activity, and
  4. to report findings to authorities.
  • Associate SAIBA members that hold no other designatory letters: 10 CPD units per annum (5 Verifiable, 5 Non-Verifiable)
  • BA(SA): 20 CPD units per annum (10 Verifiable, 10 Non-Verifiable)
  • CBA(SA): 30 CPD units per annum (15 Verifiable, 15 Non-Verifiable)
  • CFO(SA): 40 CPD units per annum (20 Verifiable, 20 Non-Verifiable)
  • BAP(SA): 40 CPD units per annum (30 Verifiable, 10 Non-Verifiable)

If you have more than 1 designation, you are required to complete the CPD for the highest designation.

Yes, SAIBA continuously evaluates the process to ensure compliance and reporting in the most cost effective way for our members.

  1. Saving you money: CPD can be expensive. A subscription is more cost effective than individual CPD events that can cost between R500 to R,1500 per CPD event. A subscription consists of a number of CPD events that keep you updated so that you are aware of changes before your competitors.
  2. Saving you time: Enjoy all the latest changes and updates conveniently summarised and presented by experts, available for you to view at your convenience. Save time on  researching and understanding the impact.
  • Maintain you knowledge and competencies obtained during your formal education.
  • Increase your industry knowledge
  • Stay up to date with changing trends.
  • Help you become more effective in the workplace.
  • Increase your employability.

You will have access to the content 365 days after the release date of a CPD event. 

One CPD hour equals one CPD unit.

The official CPD policy can be found on CIBA’s website under Policies and Forms. Click here. Select the CPD category on the menu on the left to display the list of documents.

CIBA supports the importance and regulation of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as prescribed by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). Professional Bodies have to comply with various laws and regulations specific to the industry and have the legal mandate to issue CPD hours or credits.

CIBA members obtain their CPD hours from CIBA Academy is the official CIBA CPD platform for CIBA members.

CPD certificates are accepted only from CIBA Academy and from Accredited CPD Training Partners subject to CIBA’s CPD policy and CIBA’s Standards for CPD Programs. SAQA accredited Professional Bodies qualify as CIBA Accredited CPD Training Partners. Note that an accredited training partner of another Professional Body is not automatically accredited.

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