Changing the way graduates enter the profession

An Employment Acceleration Programme 

The CIBA U²Pro initiative allows students to earn an accounting designation with their qualification, meaning they go from university into an accounting profession in one step.

U²Pro pathways to a designation 

Graduates that have obtained a diploma or degree at NQF level 6 or 7 at an accredited institute of higher learning can qualify for a complimentary BA(SA) designation for one year the following two ways:

U²Pro Acceleration Programme 

The program provides the perfect stepping stone needed from studies to employment, by supplying the required workplace readiness and digital skills in an innovative manner.

How the Programme works 

Graduates and students register online to gain access to the platform and training content. The content consists of videos, live interactive online webinars, simulation exercises, mentoring sessions and study material. Simulations are developed in a structured, logical manner whilst addressing all the required competencies, grouped by functions of seven accounting cycles.

Learning Objectives 

Each module is designed to mirror real-world scenarios and equip trainees with practical skills needed in an accounting firm.


  • Virtual Bookkeeping: Use a simulated environment to master the fundamentals of recording financial transactions, mirroring tasks you would perform at an accounting firm.
  • Crafting Financial Statements: Gain proficiency in preparing basic financial statements in a format and context akin to a professional accounting environment.
  • Audit Assistance in Practice: Experience audit processes in a simulated firm setting, including preparing audit working papers, gathering documentation, and verifying financial information accuracy.
  • Real-world Tax Preparation: Learn to prepare and file basic tax returns, using cases drawn from professional accounting scenarios.
  • Practical Budgeting and Forecasting: Engage with simulated financial data to prepare budgets and forecasts as you would in an accounting firm.
  • Account Reconciliation in Action: Practice matching figures in accounting records with those in bank statements, invoices, and other financial documents in a practical, simulated environment.
  • Applied Financial Analysis: Use simulated company data to perform ratio analysis, trend analysis, and other analytical techniques to assess financial health.
  • Regulatory Compliance in Context: Navigate a virtual regulatory landscape to understand and adhere to financial regulations and standards, like GAAP or IFRS for SMEs.
  • Hands-on Inventory Management: Interact with a virtual inventory system to understand tracking and valuing inventory, assisting with simulated inventory counts.
  • Managing Virtual Accounts Payable and Receivable: Experience the process of managing a company’s bills and invoices in a simulated setting, ensuring that payments are made and received on time.
  • Customer and Client Communication Skills: Develop communication techniques through role-playing and simulated interactions with customers and clients about billing and payment issues.

Grow in a dynamic and nurturing environment.

Learn from seasoned mentors.

Develop work processes and digital fluency.

Programme overview 

  • Evaluation of candidates’ skills and analysis of knowledge gaps.
  • Survey targeting previous candidates and employer expectations
  • Initial meeting
  • Minimum required pervasive skills:
    o Excel
    o Word
    o Professional Communication
    o Note taking
    o Email and business etiquette
    o Time management
    o Self-evaluation
    o Accounting Software

Each function is mastered through the steps within an Activity Cycle:

  • Briefing session
  • Understand the why
  • Understand deliverables and timelines
  • Commencement of activities from source documents
  • Perform tasks
  • Supervisor reviews tasks
  • Completion of assessments
  • Debrief session

At the conclusion of each simulation, students are issued with a status report, to clearly indicate the knowledge gaps and recommended sections of the prescribed study material. Candidates will be able to identify areas where they require further study.

Statement of Competence mapped to a logbook/

  • Preparation course
  • Assessment
  • Onboarding session to Professional Body
  • Conduct an interview
  • Work placements


30% subsidised by CIBA

R25,200.00 per applicant per programme
100% bursaries are available

Start +/-November 2023 for 9 months or

start +/-July 2024 for 3 months for 3 years


30% subsidised by CIBA

R25,200.00 per applicant

Start November 2023 for 9 months or

start July 2024 for

3 months for 3 years

The U²Pro Program has proven to equip students with a methodology that they can apply in any accounting work environment, as well as the self-confidence and interpersonal skills to know how to ask for help.


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