A CIBA designation is proof of the competencies
acquired and a mark of professionalism.

Kickstart your career 

Many students study part-time while holding down a job in an accounting practice or finance department. By participating in the CIBA U²Pro Ready, you can apply for our Chartered Business Accountant Commerce (CBAC) designation and CIBA will fund your first year’s designation fee.

Who qualifies 

Students in any of the following study routes may participate in U²Pro:

  • BCom/BSc in Accounting,
  • Law,
  • Taxation,
  • Investment Economics, and
  • Business management or similar

How it works

  • CIBA provides a U²Pro promocode to accredited Higher Education Institutions (HEI).
  • The lecturer of the accredit HEI provide students with the code.
  • The student register with CIBA as a student for the U²Pro initiative, here www.accounts.saiba.org.za/register
  • Working students upload their logbooks or vetted work experience onto their CIBA student
  • Qualifying graduates will receive a 1 year complimentary membership and designation with
  • Once you qualify upload your degree and receive your CBAC designation certificate.

Don't have the experience?

The CIBA workplace readiness programme provides graduates with a simulated workplace environment. Experience gained in the simulated environment are recognised as valid experience to obtain a professional designation with CIBA.

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