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Quality Assured Assessments

SAIBA subject assessments are set at the same level as the equivalent University subject exam.

We engage with experienced and highly rated University lecturers to set the SAIBA assessment for the relevant subjects.

Our moderators review the assessments to ensure that they are at the required University level.

Assessments are supported by prescribed text books supplied by LexisNexis. They are the same text books as prescribed by Universities.

You may study the text book on your own or combine your self-study with tuition as provided by our accredited 3rd party providers.

We are not registered as an Institution of Higher Learning or as a University as we are a professional body of accountants registered with SAQA. This allows us to set the criteria to award a designation. Our assessments assist you in meeting our criteria.

We therefore offer three options to help you pass the assessment:

  1. Directly attempt the assessment
  2. Buy the prescribed text book and study it online within the LexisNexis platform then attempt the assessment with the SAIBA Academy platform.
  3. Buy the textbook plus tuition support from one of our accredited providers. Tuition available within the SAIBA Academy platform.