Understanding the Scope and Purpose of Financial Statement Audits 2024

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28 June, 2024



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Financial Reporting



To provide participants with a comprehensive overview of the role and significance of financial statement audits in ensuring transparency and accuracy in financial reporting. June 2024


Category: Financial Reporting

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What you will learn

By attending this webinar you will gain the following competencies: 

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the objectives and scope of financial statement audits, including their role in providing assurance to stakeholders.
  • Learn about the key principles and standards governing financial statement audits, such as those set forth by regulatory bodies and auditing standards boards.
  • Explore the importance of independence, objectivity, and professional skepticism in the audit process, and understand their significance in maintaining audit quality.
  • Identify the various stages and procedures involved in conducting a financial statement audit, from planning and risk assessment to testing and reporting.
  • Understand the implications of audit findings and the role of auditors in communicating results to stakeholders, including management, shareholders, and regulatory authorities.



Financial statement audits verify the accuracy and trustworthiness of financial data within organisations. It is important for every audit team member to possess a thorough understanding of the scope and objectives of every audit engagement.

This webinar explores the regulatory frameworks that govern audit practices and discusses the primary goals of these critical assessments. Also under discussion will be detailed insights into the methodologies employed throughout the audit process, including risk assessment techniques, testing procedures, and effective communication of findings.



The following pricing apply:

Adhoc: R375.00



The webinar will cover the following topics: 


  • Introduction to Financial Statement Audits:
    • Definition and purpose of financial statement audits.
    • Importance of audits in providing assurance to stakeholders.
    • Evolution of audit standards and regulations.
  • Regulatory Framework and Standards:
    • Overview of regulatory bodies and auditing standards boards.
    • Examination of key auditing standards and guidelines.
    • Understanding the compliance requirements for financial statement audits.
  • Objectives and Scope of Audits:
    • Clarification of the objectives and scope of financial statement audits.
    • Discussion on the responsibilities of auditors and management.
    • Examination of the limitations of audits and areas not covered.
  • Audit Process and Methodologies:
    • Overview of the stages involved in conducting a financial statement audit.
    • Explanation of risk assessment and planning procedures.
    • Exploration of audit testing techniques and sampling methodologies.
  • Reporting and Communication:
    • Analysis of audit findings and their implications.
    • Understanding the different types of audit opinions.
    • Discussion on the communication of audit results to stakeholders.
  • Professional Ethics and Independence:
    • Examination of ethical considerations and conflicts of interest.
    • Case studies and examples illustrating ethical dilemmas in auditing.
  • Emerging Trends and Challenges:
    • Exploration of current trends and developments in financial statement auditing.
    • Discussion on challenges faced by auditors and the profession.
    • Consideration of the impact of technology and data analytics on audits.



The following CPD is awarded 3 Units Financial Reporting.



There are no preconditions for this course.
Moderate level.
Recorded webinar made available on a specified date.



 Jako Liebenberg CA(SA)

Jako became a Chartered Accountant and Registered Public Auditor in 2001. His entire career has been in public practice except for a stint as CFO in the Free State Provincial Government from 2010 to 2012.

Jako consults for clients across South Africa on Accounting Standards and Compliance, Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment, Tax and Business Development. He serves as an assessor in the Free State High Court of Appeals as representative in Public Practice. Jako is also a registered SAICA assessor for Trainees. 


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