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This plan provides CIBA Licensed Tax Advisors access to the latest technical content to develop their skills as registered tax professionals and stay updated with legislation changes.

From: R 263 VAT Incl. / month


Product Information

CPD Subscription
Access a collection of CPD events, available through monthly payments or an annual lump sum, with individual events added to your profile throughout the year as they are released, giving you the flexibility to view them at your convenience 24/7.

Who will benefit from the subscription

Tax Practitioners, Tax Advisors, Tax Consultants, Tax Technicians, Tax Accountants


What you will learn

By subscribing to the Tax Advisor Subscription you will gain you access to monthly webinars covering various topics; which will enable you to:

  • Be aware of the latest legislative changes and what it means for your business, practice, and your clients;
  • Prepare compliant taxation returns fast;
  • Issue reliable taxation calculations on financial statements;
  • Understand the laws and regulations that govern taxation; and
  • Perform tax advisory services.



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This subscription plan gives the CIBA Licensed Tax Practitioner access to the latest technical content to be successful, including webinars and other training platforms in order to develop their skills as registered tax professionals.

The subscription offers:

  • immediate access to new content released monthly
  • 24/7 access to CPD events within your own online CPD portal
  • online recorded webinars presented by tax experts
  • >60 CPD units available (equivalent to >60 CPD hours)
  • 12 months professional development with automatic renewal
  • access to technical experts and technical FAQs
  • access to technical support library
  • access to Tax Resource Center
  • Access to Technical Helpdesk
  • CPD in-line with IES 7 of IFAC and recognized by all major professional accountancy bodies for CPD units

The subscription includes various CPD events that typically consist of:

  • A 2-4 hour webinar – access 24/7 to the online recordings,
  • Slide presentations for future reference,
  • An assessment providing 2 – 4, outcomes-based CPD units,
  • Electronic CPD certificate of attendance for sharing on social media, and
  • Access to presenters for Q&A support.

Our experts presenters are experienced accountants and lecturers, and they share their many years of experience, making you smarter, faster.



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The subscription package consists of a predetermined list of CPD events from 1 Jan 2024 to 31 Dec 2024 at the following cost:

  • Once-off Annual Cost – R 2,658.00 CIBA members only (Normal price R3,323.00)
  • Monthly installment – R 263.00 per month CIBA members only (Normal price R329.00)

Subscription package registration includes an automatic annual or monthly renewal. No cancellations will be considered for the first year after registration, thereafter a month’s notice applies from the date the signed cancellation form is received. The CPD events are accessible for 12 months from January 2024. If you are not a CIBA member, join here to become an Associate member at R1,360 per year. No incorrect purchases will be refunded.


CPD events included in the Subscription


TAX: Managing a Successful, Efficient, and Thriving Tax Practice Month CPD
Tax Technologies: Why Tax Practitioners Should Care Mar 2024 2
The Tax Professional of the Future: What to Expect & How to Respond Apr 2024 2
Unleash the Power of AI in Tax Practice: Practical Guidance to leverage ChatGPT May 2024 2
Efficiency Hacks for the Busy Small Tax Practice May 2024 2
SARS Tax Return Automation and the Evolution of Tax Compliance Jun 2024 2
Moving Beyond Compliance and Becoming a Trusted SME Advisor Jul 2024 2
Ethics in Tax Practice Aug 2024 2


Tax Updates Month CPD
Annual Tax Update 2023/2024 Nov 2023 2
Making Sense of the 2024 Budget: A Tax Perspective Feb 2024 2
Monthly SARS & Tax Update with Jackie Arendse Monthly 1
Tax Café Practical Guidance: Resolving Current Issues with Carmen Westermeyer Monthly 4
2024 Annual Budget and Tax Update Mar 2024 2
Annual Tax Update 2024/2025 Nov 2024 2


TAX: eFiling Month CPD
Tax Practice Support: Resolving eFiling Issues Bi-monthly 2
SARS e@syFile: 2024 Employer Annual PAYE Reconciliation Apr 2024 2


TAX: Individuals Month CPD
Advising High Net Worth Individuals Mar 2024 2
Ensuring Tax Efficiency: When Tax is Triggered on Cryptocurrencies Apr 2024 2
Practical Guidance: Tax Returns for South Africans Working Abroad May 2024 2
Current Individual Taxpayer Issues: Practical Guidance Completing the ITR12 Jul 2024 4


Payroll Taxes Month CPD
PAYE Compliance with the South African Revenue Services (SARS) Made Easy Feb 2024 2
Annual Payroll Update Apr 2024 2


Provisional Tax for Individuals and Corporates Month CPD
Provisional Tax: Practical Guidance to Avoid Penalties and Interest Jun 2024 1


TAX: Corporate Tax Month CPD
Current Corporate Taxpayer Issues: Completing the ITR14 May 2024 4
Taxation of SMMEs Aug 2024 2
Tax Compliance Considerations of Public Benefit Organisations Sep 2024 2
Demystifying Deferred Taxation Oct 2024 2


Capital Gains Tax Month CPD
CGT for Individuals and Corporates: Focus on current Issues in practice Apr 2024 1


Value Added Tax (VAT) Month CPD
Practical Guidance: Current VAT Issues in Tax Practice Jan 2024 4
Practical Guidance: Navigating VAT Refunds and Objections Mar 2024 2
VAT Refresher May 2024 2


Trusts Month CPD
Taxation of Trusts Feb 2024 4
Application of Attribution Rules in Trusts Mar 2024 2
Practical Guidance: ITR12T Current Tax Issues Aug 2024 2


Tax Administration & SARS Operations Month CPD
Strategies for effective interaction with SARS Feb 2024 2
SARS Responsiveness and Appointments Mar 2024 2
Surviving a SARS Audit Apr 2024 2
Practical Guidance: Tax Debt Management & Application for Compromise May 2024 2
Tax Dispute Resolution Jun 2024 2
Strategies for Effective Tax Planning and Administration Jul 2024 2
Best practices in managing SARS queries and verifications Aug 2024 2
Practical Guidance: Tax Return Corrections & Voluntary Disclosure Sep 2024 2
Drafting a Compelling Motivation for the Remission/Reduction of Tax Penalties Sep 2024 2
Practical Guidance: SARS Verification and Requests for Relevant Material Oct 2024 2
Practical Guidance: Dealing with Tax Administrative Burden Oct 2024 2
Negotiating Tax Debt and Payment Arrangements with SARS  Nov 2024 2
Lunch Hour Conversation with the Tax Ombud Quarterly 2


Estates Month CPD
Death & Taxes: Estate Duty, Income Tax & VAT May 2024 2
Modernisation & Online Services for the Administration of Deceased Estates Sep 2024 2
Protecting Intergenerational Wealth & Succession Planning Oct 2024 2


International Tax Month CPD
Forex and Interest: A focus on Section 24I and 24J Feb 2024 2
International Tax Structures Apr 2024 2
Practical Guidance: Emigration and Tax Jun 2024 2
Cross Border Considerations for Tax Advisors Aug 2024 8
Taxation of Expats Nov 2024 2


Preloaded Resources Month CPD
Refresher on drafting of objections and appeals Mar 2024 2
Research and Opinion writing Apr 2024 2
CGT Refresher May 2024 2
Navigating eFiling Jul 2024 4

Note: The SARS requirements for tax practitioners are as follows:
10 Tax units, 2 Ethics units and 6 units relating to the service provided (18 hours/units annually)



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