With the right exposure, commitment, support
and ability anyone can be an


About Us

We believe that with the right exposure, commitment, support, and ability – anyone can be an accountant.

So we remove all the nonsense and fluff from traditional qualifications and allow you to show us what you are made of.

If you can pass our exams then you deserve the right to be called an accountant. By combining your hard work and potential with our knowledge and expertise, we can assist in fast tracking and future proofing your career.



Improve Your Chances

We promise to provide you with the tools you might need to improve your chances of making it big and provide for your family, whether as junior bookkeeper, accountant, financial manager, financial director or accountant in practice.

We will continuously engage with government, employers, legislators, and SMEs to explain and demonstrate the value of CIBA’s training certificates and designations with the aim of influencing them in a way that will give you more job opportunities.

“We will help you stand a little bit taller so you get noticed”

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The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education. - Albert Einstein

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