CIPC Notice 20: status on file transition project

18 August 2022

CIPC completed the moving of 7.2 million entity files to the new storage facility during 2021. There are delays with the unavailability of files while the new service provider takes the files on board to label and capture them on their systems for recording and retrieval purposes.

Delays are expected to be experienced until the end of November 2022. All enquires and requests for Paper Based Disclosures must be logged via the “enquiries portal’ on the CIPC website.

How to request for Paper Based Disclosures

  1. No email queries are considered any longer.
  2. The ticket must be directed to Companies and Close Corporation Paper Based Disclosures.
  3. Reflect the correct customer code with the entity name and entity number. Indicate clearly indicate the document(s) requested.
  4. Provide your postal address in respect of all requests for certified copies.
  5. Do not resubmit the request more than once.

NB: Only one request per ticket must be submitted per entity. If multiple requests are submitted from the one request, only the first entry will be considered.

CIPC apologises for any inconveniences that may be caused because of the transition period and request that clients continue to be patient.

You can read the full notice here.

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