Tax Practitioner Application Helpdesk

Assistance during the Tax Practitioner Application Process

The SAIBA Licensed Tax Practitioner Application

For a step-by-step confirmation of the process click here.

Supporting Documentation

Find the full list of the required supporting documentation here.
Herewith the downloadable documents only (refer to full list for other):

Confirmation of SARS Tax Practitioner number

Submit your the letter from SARS confirming your Tax Practitioner letter here.

How to link your Tax Practitioner Profile on eFiling

First time applicants should link their eFiling profile as a Tax Practitioner.
Tax Practitioners linked on their eFiling profile to another RCB should change the professional body they are linked too currently.

Click here for the steps:

SAIBA Statements on Standards for Tax Services

SAIBA is a professional body for accountants and finance executives. SAIBA’s designations are symbols of quality, commitment, ability, and trust. Employers and clients value these characteristics. Standards are the foundation of a profession. SAIBA’s Statements on Standards for Tax Services provides SAIBA Tax Practitioners with enforceable tax practice standards.

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