Third Party Data Bi-Annual Submissions 2023

31 August 2022

All parties responsible for submitting Third Party Data Bi-annual submissions for the period 1 March 2022 – 31 August 2022 must do so between 1 September – 31 October.

What are these Third-Party Data submissions?

Examples are IT3 certificates IT3(b):

  • IT3(c)
  • IT3(e)
  • IT3(s)
  • Medical scheme contributions
  • Insurance payments
  • Withholding tax on interest
  • Dividend tax.

Submissions in respect of data files and declarations of the various reportable data types as detailed per Table 1 here.

We highly recommend the use of the trade testing window to appropriately validated and check you file structures comply to the required standards.

Need assistance

Email enquiries and questions to Technical@Saiba.Org.Za for further assistance.

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