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Technology Updates

Critical Pillars for the Digital Transformation of PAOs

7 February 2023 Professional Accountancy Organizations (PAOs) are ready to accelerate digital transformation to improve the delivery of their mandate. The Digital Readiness Tool assisted 20 countries from Sub-Saharan Africa and other regions in their digital transformation journeys....

Can afterhours WhatsApp messages get you fired?

16 September 2022 WhatsApp is a convenient way to communicate during and after business hours equally. It works at the touch of a button which opens possibility to say something controversial after hours. Exactly how careful do we...

Cybersecurity checklist for you

AICPA, by Roman H. Kepczyk Accounting firms are treasure troves of data for cyber criminals. In this resource, you’ll find a list of steps your firm can take to keep your firm from being as easy target. Here’s...

cyber insurance coverage – what you need to know

Journal of Accountancy, by Kevin Brewer August 30, 2022 A cybersecurity specialist Mike Foster has been preventing “bad guys from logging in” for 25 years. In this article he provides help to prepare business owners, CEOs, and IT...

Small business guide to succession planning

Do you have a succession plan for your business? PwC’s Africa’s Family Business Survey 2021 noted that 76% of African family businesses don’t have succession plans in place. Only 41% of these business owners have a last will/testament in place,...

Using 3D formulas in Excel

August 1, 2022 Journal of Accountancy by Kelly L. Williams, CPA, Ph.D. Information If you are interested to learn about how the new 3D Excel formulas help you to perform certain functions quickly. Learn about: Short cut for...

New Ebook: Retaining the human touch in the metaverse

15 July 2022 Information ‘Metaverse’ is a buzzword not merely reserved for gamers, sci-fi enthusiasts, and futurists but a concept entering the working world. Whether it’s shopping, learning, or working, the metaverse promises to change how we work,...

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