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Technology Updates

Using 3D formulas in Excel

August 1, 2022 Journal of Accountancy by Kelly L. Williams, CPA, Ph.D. Information If you are interested to learn about how the new 3D Excel formulas help you to perform certain functions quickly. Learn about: Short cut for...

New Ebook: Retaining the human touch in the metaverse

15 July 2022 Information ‘Metaverse’ is a buzzword not merely reserved for gamers, sci-fi enthusiasts, and futurists but a concept entering the working world. Whether it’s shopping, learning, or working, the metaverse promises to change how we work,...

How to choose your cloud payroll software

July 2022 In a competitive world of accounting, we are in dire need of solutions to make everyday working life easier. Payroll solutions have been out there for decades and are known to provide great service. In recent...

WhatsApp’s Doubling the Size of Group Chats in the App

Notice WhatsApp has launched the first stage of its new Communities roll out. The new features were rolled out to users from 5 May 2022. Information and Implications According to WhatsApp, communities will encompass a collection of separate...

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