Tax Directives trade testing – April 2023: Additional Passport Country Codes

3 March 2023

Interface specification version 6.503 trade testing dates and software implementation Directives April 2023 for Additional Passport Country Codes

SARS will introduce enhancements to the Tax Directives process. The trade testing dates are still to be confirmed, and the implementation of the software is planned for the first quarter of the 2023/2024 financial year. You will receive communication about the exact dates for trade testing and the implementation date close to the time.

The Tax Directives Interface Specification is available on the SARS website,, and you are encouraged to review it prior to testing.

Please follow these steps to submit test files:

Step 1:  Email 10 taxpayer reference numbers to  to ensure the numbers are active. In the email subject line, use “Tax reference numbers for Trade Testing”. A maximum of 10 taxpayer reference numbers will be allowed.

Step 2: You will be notified via the same email address to confirm when testing may commence.

For trade testing queries, please email

You can read the proposed enhancements to the Tax Directive process here.

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