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Compliance due 1 Apr 2022 regarding XBRL Mandate extended to Co-operatives as per CIPC Notice 52 of 2021

Co-operatives will be required to file audited financial statements or independent reviewed reports depending on the category from 1 April 2022. Read notice Here 

CIPC Practice Note 2 of 2022: Certification requirements for documents filed with the CIPC, applicable from 1 Apr 2022

CIPC has noted an increase in the submission of suspicious and possible fraudulent certified documents to the CIPC and thus, further to Notices 54 and 63 of 2016, hereby advises customers that the CIPC will apply strict verification of such supporting documentation (ID / passport copies) as part of its business processes from 1 April 2022.

Failure to adhere to the certification requirements may result in the CIPC rejecting the application for incompleteness. Read the notice Here

CIPC Notice 4 of 2022: Name reservation and approval

CIPC confirms that a for-profit company may be registered without a name (read more Here):    

  • The company registration number will be considered as its name followed by the suffix “South Africa” (excluding new e-Services channel)
  • After registering a new company with the registration number as its name, a company name change may be filed free of charge.
  • The registration certificate, as well as the other registration documents will reflect the registration number as the company name.
  • Only after a company name change will an amended registration certificate be issued with the reserved name. The incorporation documentation as issued upon registration will not reflect this information

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