Read More Regarding Recent CIPC Notices Published And Compliance Due

Notice 16 of 2022: Voluntary deregistration of companies and close corporations:

Date: 2022-06-29

Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (“CIPC”) will from 1 July 2022 allow voluntary deregistration applications in terms of Section 82(3) of the Companies Act, 2008 (“The Act”) where the company or close corporation status is that of AR Deregistration. Status AR deregistration indicate that the company or close corporation has been deregistered due to annual return non-compliance. Read notice here

Notice 14 of 2022: Co-operatives that have been directed to change names by the registrar of co-operatives

Date: 2022-06-15

Notice is hereby given in terms of section 11 of the Co-operatives Act of 2005 as amended, providing the list of co-operatives with amended names. Read notice here

Practice Note 3 of 2022: Additional Reporting Requirements for Recognised Accounting Professional Bodies

Date: 2022-05-13

Accounting Professional Bodies are required to inspect sample of the work (2-5 as a minimum) of independent reviewers to ensure that
they are in adherence with the prescribed standards and regulations. The outcomes of these inspections should form part of the annual reports of the Professional Bodies that are submitted to CIPC from the 2023 reporting period.
Read practice note here

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  1. Read. Saved and Noted – Valuable Information – Appreciate it. Thank you. Shirley Kühn, Membership Nr.: 43323

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