Re-scheduled date for sARS webinar on Tax Directives

Please note that the free webinar offered by SARS has been re-scheduled as follows:

Date: Thursday, 16 February 2023

Platforms: Zoom and YouTube

NOTE: You need to register in advance here.

Details of the webinar

SARS will host a webinar on Tax Directives to assist taxpayers to comply with their tax obligations.

A tax directive is an official instruction from SARS to a taxpayer’s employer or fund manager to deduct tax at a set rate, determined by SARS. This directive ensures that a fair tax rate is paid on your earnings, especially for larger or irregular payments. An approved tax directive is only valid for the tax year or period that it was applied for.

The webinar will cover:

  • Types of Tax Directives
  • Type of Tax Directives by Tax Practitioners on behalf of Individuals and Employers
  • Tax Directive application process
  • Timelines for the Tax Directives applications
  • Tax Directive updates/ changes
  • Access to Tax Directives via eFiling

Taxpayers have the right to lodge a dispute when they are not in agreement with an assessment. The aim of this webinar is to educate taxpayers about their rights and obligations relating to the dispute process.

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