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How to Register

Pass the required SAIBA assessment and provide proof of experience and we will give you credit for the designation BAP(SA)

Step 1:
Register as a student at SAIBA Academy.

Step 2:
Select the “Qualify as an accountant” option.

Step 3:
Select the subject that you need to meet the BAP(SA) requirements.

Step 4:
Choose your study options:

  1. Assessment only, or
  2. Assessment plus online text book, or
  3. Assessment plus online text book plus tuition

Step 5:
Pay the relevant fee.

Step 6:
Attempt the assessment. If found competent then do Step 7.
If not yet competent then attempt the assessment again (you have 2 opportunities).

Step 7:
Register as a SAIBA associate and submit your application for the BAP(SA) designation together with your pass mark and certificate.