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Understand the fundamental knowledge and skills to perform the treasurer role of a non-profit organisation.

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According to the NPO Directorate, 50% of 250 000 NPOs are on the verge of deregistration due to non-compliance with filing annual reports and poor financial record keeping and controls.

CIBA’s Licensed NPO Treasurer programme aims to:

  • equip Treasurers that have been deprived of adequate financial skills to maintain a proper accounting system and file the required reports with the NPO Directorate,
  • upskill Treasurers regarding the accounting functions and duties of a NPO Treasurer,
  • notify Treasurers of the legal requirements NPOs must comply with and
  • provide support and guidance to Treasurers from a professional accounting body that recognises the importance of accountants, independent of the size of the NPO.

CIBA’s objective with the programme is to:

  1. address non-compliance issues among NPOs,
  2. improve the Department of Social Development’s (DSD) reporting to Parliament,
  3. give confidence to Donors to invest more in the sector,
  4. equip NPO directors and treasurers responsible for the financial management of NPOs to maintain a proper accounting system, and
  5. provide NPO treasurers with accounting career support and guidance by being a member of a professional body.

What you will learn

After attending this webinar you will:

  • Understand the context of the Non-profit Organisation (NPO) in the NPO sector
  • Understand the different legal forms of an NPO
  • Identify the role of an NPO treasurer including the record keeping requirements
  • Understand the fundamentals of governance and ethics
  • Learn about the registration process and registration requirements for a NPO
  • Understand the compliance and reporting requirements
  • Receive an introduction to accounting
  • Understand the chart of accounts and classify accounts correctly
  • Implement the accounting cycle for revenue and receipts
  • Implement the accounting cycle for purchases and payments
  • Understand fixed assets
  • Understand payroll
  • Obtain an overview of non-profit taxation
  • Obtain an overview of Value Added Tax relating to NPOs
  • Understand the budget process of a NPO
  • Learn about drafting management accounts and reports for a NPO
  • Learn about available technology tools
  • Obtain insights into communication and fundraising


Pricing: R7,265.00 per delegate. Offered free to NPO Treasurers.



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The drip content are released over several months.

The license consist of the following units:

  1. Overview of the License and preparation material
  2. Introduction to the non-profit sector
  3. Types of non-profit organisations
  4. Role of the treasurer
  5. Governance and Ethical Considerations
  6. Record keeping
  7. Registration requirements
  8. Compliance
  9. Introduction to Accounting
  10. Chart of Accounts
  11. Accounting cycle for revenue and receipts
  12. Accounting cycle for purchases and payments
  13. Fixed Assets and depreciation
  14. Introduction to Payroll
  15. Income Tax
  16. VAT
  17. Budgeting
  18. Management accounts and reports
  19. Internal and External Audits
  20. Technology and Tools for Financial Management
  21. Fundraising and Revenue Generation
  22. Collaboration and Communication


The units are presented by various industry experts, including CIBA CEO, leading South African legal firms and lecturers at Higher Educational Institutions.



This programme suitable for any person serving as an office bearer for a non-profit organisation.


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