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29 June, 2022



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The SARS readiness programme is mandatory for all newly registered Tax Practitioners. June 2022

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This programme is a compulsory requirement to be registered as a SARS Tax Practitioners after 1 July 2022.


The Purpose of the Programme

The purpose of the SARS Tax Practitioner Readiness Programme’s modules is to enable tax practitioners:

  1. to provide services to their clients in a professional and ethical manner, that adheres to SARS’s processes and requirements, and
  2. to provide the knowledge deemed necessary to complete the assessment successfully.

The modules in the programme provide an understanding of the following:

  • the roles, responsibilities, and obligations of a registered tax practitioner,
  • the SARS services channels, processes, and systems.

The purpose of the SARS Tax Practitioner Readiness Programme’s assessment is to verify and re-assess individuals’ competencies in obtaining and retaining their SARS Tax Practitioner status.

Is the assessment compulsory?
Yes, it is compulsory to complete the programme (modules and assessment) if after 1 July 2022 you:

  1. Want to register as a SARS Tax Practitioner or
  2. Are currently a SARS Practitioner and want to select a new professional body to serve as your Recognised Controlling Body (RCB) on eFiling.


The SARS Tax Practitioner Readiness Programme was developed by SARS and delivers important information in terms of professional expectations. Tax practitioners will understand their obligations and responsibilities as well as applicable SARS processes and policies to be adhered to. You are required to:

  1. Watch the videos
  2. Study the presentation slides
  3. Complete the assessment (49 questions)

A 90% grade is required to pass. This is a strict 90% requirement as per SARS requirements, and no rounding up can apply, even for an 89.9% score.

Each candidate will have three attempts to complete the programme noting that finalisation of registration as tax practitioner will depend on successful completion. If you fail the assessment three times, you will be precluded from registering for a period of 6 months before you can retake the assessment.

To read more about:

  1. The Sars Tax Practitioner Readiness Programme. Read CIBA’s Information Guide here.
  2. When the programme was introduced as an amended criteria for recognised controlling bodies relating to the registration and management of their tax practitioner members – click here.
  3. The process and documentation required to become a Licensed Tax Practitioner with SAIBA – click here.
  4. Frequently asked questions relating to the Tax Practitioner Readiness programme – click here.

What You Will Learn

By the end of this webinar you will:

  • Understand SARS Objectives
  • Understand legislation regarding the tax administration act
  • Have insight into regulatory codes for tax practitioners
  • Know the correct SARS channels to follow
  • Understand E-filing and the E@syFile app

Important Notice

*Please note it is very important for you to watch the relevant webinars and familiarise yourself with the content contained in the slides. The assessment tests the content of the videos and slides. It does not test your tax knowledge. It tests your ability to operate the eFiling system and adhere to SARS’s processes. Don’t assume you are familiar with the content and SARS processes. Watch the videos and listen carefully. If you watch the videos you should obtain the strict 90% grade. The level of the content is at a moderate level and therefore any failure will be construed as the individual not having the correct knowledge and competencies required to become a Tax Practitioner.

*Due to strict requirements from SARS you will have 3 attempts to complete the assessment with a pass mark of 90%. Should you fail the assessment, your access will be blocked. Please email to request access to another assessment for your 2nd and 3rd attempt. After 3 failures will be prohibited from writing the assessment and will be blocked for 6 months, after which you will be able to reattempt the quizzes.


  • Free Event


  1. Introduction
  2. Module 1 – Legislation
  3. Module 2 – Criteria for recognition of controlling bodies
  4. Module 3 -How to register as a tax practitioner
  5. Module 4 – Getting started, becoming ‘SARS ready’
  6. Module 5 – Channels of interaction with SARS
  7. Module 6 – E-filing “Indulge the Future”
  8. Module 7 – “E@syfile “Employer Tax Season Made Easy”
  9. Module 8 – Debt management, Dispute resolution and Compliance & Escalations
  10. The Office of the Tax Ombud Process
  11. How to obtain a SAIBA Tax Practitioner License
  12. Assessment


CPD is non-verifiable as per the SARS regulation that their readiness programme cannot be claimed as verifiable hours. 5 Non-verifiable CPD units can be claimed on successful completion.


There are no preconditions for this course.
Moderate level.
Recorded webinar made available on a specified date




The information contained in all learning materials of the SARS Tax Practitioner Readiness Programme is intended as guidance only and is not considered to be a legal reference, nor is
it a binding ruling. The information does not replace legislation, and readers who are in doubt regarding any aspect of the information displayed in the guide should refer to the relevant
legislation or seek a formal opinion from a suitably qualified individual.

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