Podcasting for Growth: Leveraging Audio Content in Professional Services Marketing 2023

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9 October, 2023



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Participants will improve their expertise in podcast strategies for business growth 2023.

R 450 VAT Incl.

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What you will learn

After attending this webinar you will:

  • Know the possibilities of podcasting as a means to attract fresh clientele and elevate your brand’s visibility and reputation. 
  • Possess knowledge about potential podcast themes and subjects to consider. 
  • Obtain an understanding of effective podcasting practices, encompassing technical aspects, content strategising, maintaining consistency, and fostering engagement with your audience. 
  • Gain insights into podcast formats that are likely to resonate effectively with clients within your professional sector. 



With the advent of new communication methods, progressive professionals are using these new means of communication to connect with potential clients in innovative ways. Podcasting is a very effective way of sharing your industry expertise and establish your authority.  


Podcasting is more than just a buzzword – it’s a powerful marketing tool that allows you to reach audiences in a deeply personal and accessible way. It’s a platform where you can add value, share insights, and ultimately, attract and convert listeners into clients. In this seventh episode of our Attracting New Clients Series.



The following pricing apply:

Adhoc: R450.00



The webinar will cover the following topics: 

  • Podcasting Essentials Guide:  
    • Advice to kickstart your podcasting journey. 
    • Equipment suggestions.
    • Software recommendations.
    • Tips for recording and editing your podcast. 
  • Ideal Listener Demographic: 
    • Pinpoint your ideal listener.
    • Create content that speaks directly to your target audience. 
  • Best Practices in Podcasting Checklist:   
    • Summary of top-notch practices.
    • Podcast planning and production guide.  



There are no preconditions for this course.
Moderate level.
Recorded webinar made available on a specified date.



Hendrik Baird

Hendrik Baird is a seasoned professional with over 40 years of experience in dramatic performance, online media, and arts management. With a master’s degree in media and journalism, earned at the age of 56, Hendrik showcases his commitment to lifelong learning. His passion lies in voice acting, which led him to discover the power of podcasting as a medium perfectly aligned with his expertise. 


Hendrik’s extensive knowledge and experience make him the ideal candidate to discuss podcasting for business, specifically attracting new customers for attorneys and accountants. As an author of two comprehensive books on podcasting, “Become a Podmaster: Everything You Need to Know to Master the Art of Podcasting” and “Purposefully Repurposed for Profit: How to Save Time When Creating a Marketing Plan Simply by Repurposing a Podcast,” Hendrik provides invaluable insights into leveraging podcasts for effective content marketing campaigns. 


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