Non-Profit Accountant License Renewal 2024

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3 January, 2024



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NQF Level 7

Renewal for Non-Profit Accountant License holders who previously obtained their Non-Profit Accountant License to specialise in the accounting and financial reporting of NPOs, NPC, Schools and NGOs.

R 550 VAT Incl.

Product Information

How you will benefit

By renewing your license as a Non Profit Entity Engagements Specialist (CIBA) you will obtain evidence of competence in the specialist area. Specialist work attracts higher fees, with higher profit margins.


As specialist in performing Non-Profit Engagements your will stand out from the crowd, be able to attract more clients, and earn higher fees.

As an accountant that specialises in NPOs, Schools, PBOs, Fund-raising, Lotto applications, and NPCs you will be able to set yourself apart with this license that covers the essentials of not-for-profit financial management, including accounting and financial reporting, tax compliance, governance and assurance.


Annual renewal fee from R550.00
The License does not form part of a subscription package.
Any recommended textbooks and webinars are an additional cost for your own expense.


The License renewal includes a declaration and assessment.


The entry requirements to enroll are as follows:

    • Holder of a Non Profit Entity Engagements Specialist License


Ricardo Wyngaard

Ricardo is passionate about the non-profit sector and has been focusing on non-profit law since 1999. He is a lawyer by profession who has obtained his LLB degree at the University of the Western Cape in South Africa and his LLM degree at the University of Illinois in the USA. He has authored a number of articles and booklets on non-profit law and governance, some of which have been published in international journals. Ricardo has participated as a speaker at both national and international conferences and has facilitated countless workshops with NGOs and community-based organisations.

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