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The Namibia 2024 Budget Speech aims to unveil the government’s fiscal plans, providing transparency and insight into financial priorities, policies, and allocations for the upcoming year. This event serves to engage stakeholders, including policymakers, economists, business leaders, and citizens, fostering understanding and dialogue surrounding economic strategies and their impacts on the nation’s growth and development. 

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What you will learn

  • Fiscal Plans: Delegates will gain a comprehensive understanding of the government’s fiscal plans for the upcoming year, including revenue projections, expenditure priorities, and deficit management strategies. 
  • Financial Priorities: They will learn about the government’s financial priorities, including areas of investment, infrastructure development, social welfare programs, and economic stimulus measures. 
  • Policies and Allocations: Delegates will be informed about the specific policies and allocations outlined in the budget, such as tax reforms, spending initiatives, and resource allocations to different sectors of the economy. 



The Namibia 2024 Budget Speech unveils the government’s fiscal plans, ensuring transparency in financial priorities, policies, and allocations for the upcoming year. Engaging policymakers, economists, business leaders, and citizens, it fosters dialogue on economic strategies and their impact on national growth. Attendees gain insights into revenue projections, expenditure priorities, and policy reforms, contributing to informed decision-making and effective resource utilization. This event serves as a platform for stakeholders to collaborate, address challenges, and align efforts towards driving sustainable development and prosperity in Namibia. 



Date: 9 March 2024, Saturday
Time: 09:00 – 11:00
Format: Online Event
CPD: 3 CPD Units
Price: Free Event



Justus Mwafongwe

Justus is a financial professional with more than 20 years of experience in public finance, revenue administration and tax policy design and development. He is the Deputy Executive Director and Tax Policy Advisor in the Ministry of Finance and Public Enterprises. His core responsibilities in the Ministry are to provide strategic leadership, guidance, public finance management, economic and fiscal policy, tax policy advice and formulation and he is a member of the executive team running the affairs of the Ministry. He is the former Commissioner for Inland Revenue Department, where he oversaw the administration of taxes and tax policy development and implementation. Prior, he held various senior positions in the Ministry, including Director for Inland Revenue Directorate, Director for Large Taxpayers Office, Receiver of Revenue for Windhoek Regional Office and Head of the Ministry’s Internal Audit Unit (Deputy Director). He is a professional accountant specialising in tax (including international tax) and a registered member of the Chartered Institute for Business Accountants. 


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