Licensed Tax Practitioner: Compiler (Black Friday)


1 November, 2021


Specialise in taxation and become a Licensed Tax Practitioner: Compiler.

R 1498 VAT Incl. for 1 year

Product Information



By processing your payment you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. You aware of the information regarding SAIBA’s Licensed Tax Practitioners as published on SAIBA’s website, here.


The objective of this licence is to equip Business Accountants to:

  • Be able to apply with SARS as a tax practitioner.
  • Understanding of members responsibilities when performing tax services.
  • Understand SAIBA’s Statement of Standards on Tax and promote their uniform application within a tax firm.
  • Foster increased public compliance with and confidence in our tax system through awareness of good standards of tax practice.
  • Enhance the business accountant professional designations.
  • Use the license as proof of competency to provide tax services.


SAIBA’s Licensed Tax Practitioner: Compiler license assess the practitioner’s commitment to providing ethical tax services and on successful completion demonstrates the competency level of a SAIBA designation holder to provide general and less complex tax compliance and support services for individuals and other entities related to:

  • preparing, reviewing and submitting tax returns,
  • reviewing completed tax records,
  • verifying and availing source documents,
  • submitting tax objections, and
  • managing SARS queries, audits and assessments prior to judicial involvement.

For further information regarding SAIBA’s licenses click here.


The following pricing applies: R2,140.00 Now R1,498 including VAT, once-off annual fee.

SAIBA’s Standard Policies and procedures applies, as well as the following:

  • This is a non-refundable fee.
  • An annual renewal fee will be applicable. Registration includes an automatic annual renewal.
  • Any recommended textbooks and webinars are an additional cost for your own expense.
  • Please ensure that you comply with the requirements listed within the products. No refunds will be made should you not comply with the requirements. If you are unsure whether you comply, please contact your Personal Portfolio Consultant (PPC).
  • No incorrect purchases will be refunded.


The license consists of the following:

  1. Declaration
  2. Learning Material: Webinar
    • Introduction to SAIBA Licenses
    • Introduction to SAIBA Statement of Tax Standards
    • Understanding Advisory Services
    • CPD & Certificate
  3. Learning Material: SAIBA’s Statement of Standards on Tax
    • STS 110 – Ethics and ethical constraints
    • STS 120 – Personal competencies and skill set
    • STS 130 – Non-compliance with laws and regulations
    • STS 210 – Client/engagement acceptances and continuation
    • STS 220 – Quality deliverables
    • STS 230 – Form and content of advice to taxpayers
    • STS 240 – Engagement hand over to other tax professional
    • STS 310 – Standards of interaction with third parties
    • STS 320 – Standards Governing Referral
    • STS 410 – Evaluation of involvement of external specialists
  4. Assessments (only applies to <NQF7 qualifications)
    • Assessment 1 with 25 Multiple Choice Questions relating to SAIBA’s Statement of Tax Standards.
    • Assessment 2 with 75 Multiple Choice Questions on VAT, Corporate, Individual and Payroll Taxes.
    • In order to succeed, members are required to obtain at least 70% to pass, within 2 attempts.


A list of admission criteria is available here.


Marina Pretorius, H. Dip (Tax), CA(SA)


By enrolling in this exam preparation course, you will be provided with:

  • SAIBA’s Statement of Standards on Tax
  • SAIBA eFiling Guides
  • SAIBA Additional Taxation Material


The successful completion of the course contributes to 1  hour non-verifiable CPD or 4 hour verifiable, subject to verification process and qualification NQF level.

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