Building Bridges: Effective Networking and Referrals in Professional Services 2023

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23 October, 2023



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Participants will improve their expertise in attracting clients through networking and referrals to drive business growth 2023

R 450 VAT Incl.

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What you will learn

After attending this webinar you will:

  • Explore the significance of networking and referrals in the professional services sector.   
  • Explore how network can aid in attracting new clients and build a strong reputation.  
  • Learn the concept and benefits of joint venture projects and collaborations.  
  • Practical guidance on networking techniques that can lead to increased referrals.  
  • Understand the importance of building and nurturing professional relationships for long-term success.  



The significance of a strong and interconnected network is a valuable resource that every professional service provider must acknowledge. Whether the goal is expanding client rosters, discovering collaborative prospects, or boosting referral business, proficient networking stands as the foundation of all business development efforts. 


In our penultimate episode of our Attracting New Clients Series, we will provide you with insights on harnessing the power of networking to draw in fresh clients, establish meaningful partnerships, and cultivate enduring and sustainable relationships. Additionally, we will delve into strategies for optimising referrals, which are frequently overlooked but possess substantial potential as a source of new business opportunities. 



The following pricing apply:

Adhoc: R450.00



The webinar will cover the following topics: 

  • The importance of networking.
  • Referral Strategy Workbook.   
    • Step-by-step process to create.
    • Step-by-step process to implement. 
  • Building Long-Term Relationships eBook.
  • Case studies of successful networking and referral strategies:   



There are no preconditions for this course.
Moderate level.
Recorded webinar made available on a specified date.



Steven Levy

Steven Levy is a global leadership coach and the founder of Dare2Be Coaching and Beyond. He works with many blue chip corporate clients around the world and has been involved in creating incredible success stories where he has helped entrepreneurs gain clarity and achieve incredible results. He brings to the table 45+ years experience in business development and leadership coaching.  


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