Piloting new electronic traveler system at King Shaka Airport

8 November 2022

The proposed rule clarifies the status of the electronic traveler declarations submitted by travelers on a voluntarily basis to participate in the testing of the electronic traveler management system.  The pilot phase of the project is set to start at King Shaka International Airport on 29 November 2022, when the electronic declaration will be made available to travelers online.

If a traveler voluntarily submits the electronic traveler declaration during the pilot phase, such submission will be regarded to be submission of a traveler card (TC-01) for purposes of rule 15. If a traveler chooses not to participate in the pilot, existing procedures will be followed.

There are no other changes to current legislation is at this stage. Comments can be recorded on the comment sheet and sent to C& by 22 November.

You can access the comment sheet here.

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