New ‘delete for everyone’ function brings about legal liability

The new update to WhatsApp began rolling out to users on 1 September 2022, giving group admins more power and control over the content being shared on various platforms. More specifically, the update – once activated – enables group administrators to delete messages sent. The new ‘delete for all’ function was previously only available to those who sent the message.

“In South African law, if you have the ability to delete something, and you choose not to, then you become legally responsible for the content,” said social media law expert Emma Sadleir Berkowitz.

What does this mean for WhatsApp group administrators?

Due to the recent change, administrators can become legally responsible for everything that appears on the group.

Administrators need to monitor their groups closely to avoid hate speech, threats, incitement, or any other content that is illegal. If that content isn’t deleted, the admins can be held liable.

You can read the entire article from Businesstech here.

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