Mastering Integrated Mindset is key to achieving sustainable value creation

30 September 2022

Why is an Integrated Mindset important?

Today, sustainability and financial information are often dealt with in separate parts of an organisation. In a world where sustainability and financial risks are converging, these information silos are barriers to developing better systems to enhance the quality and reliability of data and advance sustainability and enhance corporate reporting.

Integrated mindset aims to bring together sustainability and financial processes and information to enhance overall decision-making inside organizations and external corporate reporting. Maintaining these separate siloes does not reflect the reality of how companies need to think, measure, manage and report when making decisions about how to achieve their sustainability goals and the financial implications of doing so.

The CFO and finance function’s role in enabling an integrated mindset and overcoming the challenges to achieving sustainable value creation is critical. 

How can Companies Achieve an Integrated Mindset? Read the article by Kevin Dancey, the CEO of IFAC here.

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