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Executive Development Programme for CFOs and Finance Executives

New demands are placed on business by

  • Corporate scandals,
  • Global recession,
  • Increased competition,
  • Heightened regulations,
  • Emerging technologies and
  • Cyber threats.

The executive finance function is required to show how they consider and respond to these developments through

  • Integrated, faster and more accurate reporting, by explaining how the different types of capital: financial, physical, human, social and intellectual are being affected.
  • reduction in costs,
  • more efficient processes and
  • innovative leadership.

It is expected of the modern CFO to master certain competencies and ensure he/she has the required attributes necessary for the CFO’s evolving role in business. Click here for a detailed list of attributes and competencies.

SAIBA Academy offers various courses to support and advance the CFO’s necessary skill set.


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