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What is CPD

Everything you need to know to run and manage a successful accounting and tax practice

CPD means Continuous Professional Development and is provided by our online e-learning platform Our CPD program is regarded as one of the most affordable way of maintaining your accountancy knowledge.

Smart accountants earn more and have better clients. Our CPD program makes you smarter and helps you maintain your professional CPD hours.

Doing CPD on our platform means that you:

  • Get updates to laws, regulations and standards,
  • Get online training on the latest accounting and tax topics,
  • Keep track of your CPD hours,
  • Receive an e-certificate of completion to showcase on your website and impress clients.

This means that you:

  • Get smarter,
  • Earn more,
  • Have better clients,
  • Meet the CPD hours required by SARS, CIPC, and professional bodies,
  • Reduce the risk of giving poor advice and being sued by clients

To be an Accountant in Practice in South Africa you must annually declare the number of hours you spend on CPD. This is one of the prerequisites to continue having the status as Accountant in Practice and being able to perform statutory work such as accounting officer, tax practitioner and independent review engagements.

Our CPD partners include: SAAA, SAIT

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