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Third party access to client information (working papers)

Under what circumstances is it lawful, reasonable and procedurally fair for third parties to obtain clients' personal information?

R 475
Category Law
Accredited SAIBA
CPD Hours 2
Effort 2 Hours
Duration 2 Hours
Format Webinar
Level N/A
Assessment Yes
Supervised No
Pre-Entry No
Tuition Optional
Study Material No

What you will learn

By the end of this event the participants should understand: 

  • How to maintain the client's right to confidentiality.   

  • Their responsibility for granting third party access to their clients' information; 

  • Circumstances where access to clients' information is required by law; 

  • Circumstances where access to clients' information is in compliance with reporting standards; and 

  • Potential risks when granting access to clients' information to third parties. 

Study Units

Client's right to confidentiality

Third parties' right to personal information

When and how to deny access

Circumstances where access should be granted to third parties:

Access required in terms of: 

  • The Tax Administration Act; 

  • The Companies Act; 

  • POPI Act; 

  • Court proceedings; 

  • SAPS/ Hawks investigations; 

  • CIPC requirements; and  

  • Other authorities.   

Access required in compliance with: 

  • International Standards; 

  • IRBA; 

  • SAICA; 

  • SAIPA; and 

  • SAIBA. 

Access required by internal staff and successor practitioners.

Access requested in terms of contractual agreements.

Potential risks when granting access



The following persons will benefit from attending this webinar: 

  • Professional Accountants including: RA(SA), CA(SA),PA(SA) and BAP(SA); 

  • Tax Practitioners; 

  • Practicing Bookkeepers; and  

  • Compliance Officers. 


Accountants, auditors, tax practitioners and bookkeepers oftentimes get third parties requesting personal information about their clients for one reason or the other.  These third parties include  SARS, CIPC, professional bodies, SAPS, the Hawks or the client's attorneys. 

Under what circumstances is it lawful, reasonable and procedurally fair for any of the aforementioned third parties to obtain clients' personal information?  It is important that every accounting/ tax practitioner protects their clients' information while at the same time they are complying with relevant legislation like the POPI Act.  

Join this webinar as we inform you how to protect your clients' information on your working papers and other records from unwarranted access and the circumstances under which you will have to comply. 




Nestene Clausen CA(SA) 

Nestene completed her (Hons) at North West University in 2012. In 2014 she completed her professional articles and her Masters Degree in Chartered Accountancy. Nestene has lectured on the audit programme at the University of Cape Town. After this Nestene started her own audit, tax & accounting practice which she has since grown into a reputable firm in the Tableview area with 60 clients and two staff members.