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Section 12J Investments 2020

Section 12J as an investment class has seen enormous uptake by South African taxpayers who are looking to reduce their taxable incomes and receive a return on their investments.

R 475
Category Tax
Accredited SAIBA
CPD Hours 2
Effort 2 Hours
Duration 2 Hours
Format Webinar
Level N/A
Assessment Yes
Supervised No
Pre-Entry No
Tuition Optional
Study Material No

What you will learn

By the end of this event the participant should: 

  • Understand the provisions and limitations around Section 12J investments; 

  • Be able to advise clients on how to apply Section 12J; 

  • Understand how to obtain the tax deduction for clients;  

  • Know the latest developments in this sector; and 

  • Be able to select the ideal Section 12J investment to invest in. 

Study Units

Overview of the Section 12J sector

Who can take advantage of Section 12J?

Section 12J investments and your client.

Working out the Section 12J tax incentive.

The downside of investing in a Section 12J investment.

An update on amendments to the Section 12J legalisation.


Who should attend 

The following persons will benefit from attending this webinar: 

  • Professional Accountants including: RA(SA), CA(SA),PA(SA) and BAP(SA); 

  • Tax practitioners; 

  • Business Advisors; 

  • Financial Advisors; 

  • Entrepreneurs; 

  • Venture capitalists; and 

  • High net-worth individuals.


Section 12J of the Income Tax Act provides for an investment class that has seen 100% growth within the last financial year. This is due to more South African taxpayers looking to reduce their capital gains tax and income tax liabilities as well as receive a return on their investments.

This webinar will be on 11 February 2020 from 9:00 am to 11:00 am. Jonty Sacks will be discussing the various rules around Section 12J investments, developments around Section 12J investments and an overview of the Section 12J market.   

Attending this webinar will give you valuable information on how to take advantage of Section 12J for yourself or your clients.  





Jonty Sacks 

Jonty Sacks is an admitted attorney of the High Court of South Africa and a partner at financial advisory firm Jaltech. He is active in assisting clients in South Africa with forming Venture Capital Companies (incorporated under Section 12J of the Income Tax Act) across various sectors.