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2020 CPD Catch Up: Accounting and Tax

Enable non-compliant CPD members to obtain the outstanding verifiable accounting and taxation CPD points needed to be compliant this year.

R 2827 R 5655
Category Tax
Accredited SAIBA
CPD Hours 62
Effort 62
Duration 62
Format Webinar
Level Moderate
Assessment Yes
Supervised No
Pre-Entry No
Tuition Optional
Study Material Yes

What you will learn

Knowledge, provisions and practical implications regarding various accounting and taxation topics, varying from Ethics, Budget and Tax, Annual Accounting Officer, IFRS for SME update, IFRS, Companies Act update, Handling SARS queries, Trusts and estates, Foreign remuneration tax, Management accounts, Tax and interest free loans, Independent review, Provisional tax, BEE verification, Payroll taxes, etc.

Study Units


  • Ethics, Independence and Noclar
  • Compliance and Legislation Update 
  • Reporting Engagements 
  • IFRS update
  • 2020 IFRS for SME Update 
  • Companies Act 
  • Financial Statements
  • Management accounts 
  • Independent Review 
  • Preparing accountants to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution 


  • 2020 Budget & Tax Update 
  • Vat Refresher 
  • Tax Issues for Individuals (ITR12)
  • Understanding Trust Taxes 
  • Ethics for Tax Practitioners 
  • Capital Gains Tax 
  • SARS Debt Management 
  • Preparing tax professionals to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution 


  1. There are no preconditions for this course.   
  2. Moderate level. 
  3. Recorded webinar made available on a specified date.


This Catch-up CPD 2020 bundle consists of the most popular webinars hosted during the year and was created to ensure that members who are not CPD compliant can obtain the necessary verifiable CPD credits.

This e-learning intervention gives you access to professional and technical content that ensures both your knowledge and skills are maintained so you remain professionally competent.

This Catch-up CPD bundle offers the following topics:



This webinar will be available from 18 September 2020. 




If you answer "Yes" to any of the below, then this Tax and Accounting 2020 CPD Catch-Up offer is for you:

  • You are a professional registered with SAIBA.
  • You did not have time during the year to get all your compulsory Tax, Accounting CPD hours.
  • You want to know more about the latest developments within your profession so that you can help your clients better.


By attending this webinar, you will be provided with:  

  • Summarised slide presentation 
  • Reference documents and / or course material where available 
  • Access to a technical knowledge base


This event is not included in the standard subscription packages:
Accountant in Practice: No
Accountant in Practice plus tax: No
Bookkeeper: No 
Quickupdate: No
IFRS for SME's: No


Subscribers pay less for their CPD points. SAIBA offers 4 subscription packages that provides access to everything to run a successful accounting and tax practice. Pay a small monthly amount and gain access to monthly webinars covering ethics, financials, reporting, audit and assurance, working papers, law, technology, management topics, and tax. 

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