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Welcome to SAIBA Academy.

By purchasing the subscription package the following individual CPD Events will be made available under MY COURSES as they are released:

  • Monthly Compliance and Legislation Update (Jan-Nov 2021, 2 Hours)
  • Drafting Companies Act Compliant AFS, including the impact of Covid-19 (Jan 2021, 2 Hours)
  • Ethics, Independence and NOCLAR (Feb 2021, 4 Hours)
  • Reporting engagements for Accounting officers (May 2021, 4 Hours)
  • New Legislation (May 2021, 4 Hours)
  • Laws Affecting Accountants (May 2021, 4 Hours)
  • Annual Update: IFRS for SME (Jun 2021, 4 Hours)
  • Annual Update: CIPC Update (Jul 2021, 2 Hours)
  • Annual Update: Companies Act (Aug 2021, 2 Hours)
  • Financial Statements & Independent Reviews (Sep 2021, 4 Hours)
  • Annual Update: IFRS Update (Oct 2021, 4 Hours)
  • Annual Accounting Update 2021 / 2022 (Nov 2021, 4 Hours)
The Following Events Will Be Added To Your Profile. On Release More Information Will Be Supplied Below.
Value-Added Training To Grow Your Practice:
  • Enterprise Budgets, forecasts and cashflow for enterprise success
  • Performing Business Valuations
  • Compliance: Advising clients on POPIA
  • Drafting wills
  • Business Rescue Engagements
Soft Skills Training:
  • Excel
  • Marketing to grow my practice and network
  • Networking to grow my personal and professional brand

Each of the above individual CPD events consists of:

  1. A webinars
  2. Slides
  3. Quiz

Your certificate will be issued after successful completion of each Quiz. You will receive 3 attempts to achieve a 75% pass rate. The certificate will be displayed on your MY COURSES page.

Please contact us at cpd@saiba.org.za should you have any queries.

Enjoy the learning experience!
The SAIBA Academy Team

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The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education. - Albert Einstein

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