Will the annual return replace the filing of other prescribed or statutory forms?

An annual return is not an amendment form and therefore, the annual return must be followed by the appropriate statutory form(s) to update the CIPC registers after filing, if there are changes to the information on the annual return. Only the following fields of the company or close corporation are updatable:

  • E-mail address;
  • Telephone number;
  • Cell phone number;
  • Website address;
  • Business description; and
  • Principle place of business.

For more information on how to amend company or close corporation information, kindly refer to the CIPC website www.cipc.co.za / maintain your business.


Please note that the information provided does not constitute legal or professional advice, but rather the applicability of existing theory to a given practical situation. Due care is taken to ensure that the information is correct, but it remains subjective and an interpretation of application of information.

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