IFAC’s G20 Call to Action: Progress in Times of Uncertainty  

1 November 2022

Over the course of the COVID pandemic, IFAC has stressed a core set of key priorities for G20 leaders—advancing sustainability, supporting sound public financial management, resisting regulatory fragmentation, and embracing global collaboration. These remain unchanged as we march toward 2030. Global collaboration is important to achieve our goals. The way forward is clear—the need to work together to deliver a sustainable economy and society supported by transparent and accountable governments. 

IFAC’s 2022 Call to Action and its focus on sustainability-related reporting standards, public financial management, and anti-corruption aligns with IFAC’s IMPACT approach. To strengthen global economies, societies, and the environment, and to continue to address challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, IFAC calls on G20 leaders to:

1. Make Sustainability a Reality, Not Just a Goal

  • Support the IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Standards
  • Implement policies for an inclusive transition
  • Balance climate with broader ESG and reporting
  • Recognize the role of professional accountants in developing decision-useful sustainability information

2. Support Public Financial Management and Fight Corruption

  • Support professionalization in the public sector and adoption of IPSAS
  • Implement crucial multilateral commitments against corruption and related issues
  • Look to the global accountancy profession as central partners

3. Work Together for Collective Prosperity

  • Minimize regulatory fragmentation to drive economic growth
  • Understand the importance of global public health and its interplay with PFM
  • Resolve global conflicts and focus on long-term issues

Read the article and download IFAC’s Call to Action 2022 here.

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