IFAC calls on global business leadership to drive trust and sustainable value creation by championing an “integrated mindset”

New IFAC initiative highlights the critical role of CFOs and finance functions in enabling an integrated mindset

Jun 14, 2022

Information and implication

Functional and information silos within organizations are barriers to delivering high-quality sustainability-related information, which is necessary for decision making and trustworthy corporate reporting. Boards and CEOs are turning to CFOs and finance functions to break down these silos and to drive connectivity between sustainability and financial information and processes, thereby creating a critically important “integrated mindset.” 

At its core, an integrated mindset is about improving the quality of sustainability information and processes and connecting these to financial reporting and the value of the business. This leads to better decision making and communication with stakeholders, and consequently to reduced risk and cost of capital, as well as growth opportunities.

IFAC’s call-to-action, Championing an Integrated Mindset to Drive Sustainable Value Creation highlights:

  • What it means to adopt an integrated mindset, 
  • Why it is important, and 
  • How it is achieved. Read the article and more Here 

Context for the beginner

More on what is an integrated mindset, why it is needed and how it is achieved you can refer to the leaflet below.

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