IFAC Action Plan Supports Robust Anti-Corruption Ecosystem

6 September 2022

The International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) issued its Action Plan for Fighting Corruption and Economic Crime to support a robust anti-corruption ecosystem encompassing a diverse array of participants and policies.

The Action Plan sets out more than 30 specific actions and provides a framework for how we can enhance the accountancy profession’s role in combating corruption and economic crimes, thereby advancing the UN SDGs. The framework is organized into five overarching pillars and includes over thirty actions, that are meant to evolve over time.

While many of the actions will be conducted by IFAC, it is an action plan for the whole profession. The hope is that professional accountancy organizations (PAOs), Network Partners, and individual professional accountants support this Action Plan and continue to engage on how to maximize the profession’s contributions.

You can download the Action Plan here.

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