How to choose your cloud payroll software

July 2022

In a competitive world of accounting, we are in dire need of solutions to make everyday working life easier. Payroll solutions have been out there for decades and are known to provide great service. In recent years cloud-based solutions emerged offering support for employers. Its benefits include the ease of use when working remotely for those that embraced the concept. It allows employees fast and full access to the information that they’d have access to from their office. More and more employers opt to use cloud-based solutions as it is also known for ease of use and offer a safe way of storing your information.

What should you look out for in a solution? There are many functions which can make your work life easier. These include automated calculations, summary reports and even sending your returns to SARS. However, it is also important to have easy access to support when you need it.

Are you considering a new payroll software? Would a cloud-based solution work better for you? The article published by SAGE may provide some answers and a recommended approach to your decision.

The article sets out a recommended 5-step approach aiding decision making relating to payroll software:

  1. Gather your requirements
  2. Identify your top priorities and challenges
  3. Research your options
  4. Demo or trial from a shortlist
  5. Check references, score and select.

If you are interested in finding out more click here to read the full article.

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