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9 Steps to becoming a specialist

Step 1: 
Qualify as a general accountant. This means you need to be awarded one of the following designations:

  • Business Accountant in Practice (SA),
  • Professional Accountant (SA),
  • Associate General Accountant (SA)

Or similar.

Step 2:
Practice for a minimum of 3 years as a general accountant providing accounting and tax services to the public for a fee.

Step 3:
Register as a student on SAIBA Academy.

Step 4:
Select “Become a specialist”

Step 5:
Select an area in which you would like to earn a specialist license by considering the options available from the SAIBA Academy.

Step 6:
Select the assessment option that best fits your circumstances:

  • Assessment only – You are an expert in the relevant subject area and just need official recognition for what you already know.
  • Assessment plus Study material – You have general knowledge of the subject area, and need more guidance to specialise.
  • Assessment plus Study material plus Tuition – You need to develop your specialist knowledge and experience in the subject area and require assistance from an expert.

Step 7:
Pay the required fee.

Step 8:
Attempt the assessment within 12 months of registering as a student and paying the assessment fee.

Step 9:
If successful you will be awarded a SAIBA specialist license and your name will be entered into the SAIBA specialist referral list.

If unsuccessful you have 1 further opportunity to complete the assessment.






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