High Court sets aside the judgement against SARS by the Public Protector

11 November 2022

SARS has welcomed the judgment of the High Court to set aside the Report of the Public Protector on the “Investigation into Allegations of Maladministration, Corruption and Procurement Irregularities and Improper Conduct by the South African Revenue Service (SARS) in Connection with the Handling of a Tender for the Provision of Bespoke Software Development, Maintenance and Support Services for the Benefit of SARS for a period of 7 (seven) years”.

The central finding contained in the Public Protector’s report is that SARS had unlawfully procured the IT services of BBD, a supplier, and that SARS’s conduct constitutes improper conduct for the purposes of section 182(1)(b) of the Constitution and section 6(4)(a)(iii) of the Public Protector’s Act.

SARS is delighted that the court upheld SARS’s contention that the findings and remedial action contained in the Public Protector’s Report are irrational, unlawful, unreasonable and unfair and that the Court set aside the Report.

You can read the full media release here.

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