Emigration withdrawal changes

25 July 2022


The tax directive system currently includes a validation that rejects tax directive applications, with the ‘Emigration withdrawal’ reason where the date of accrual is on or after 1 March 2022.  The tax directive validation has been subsequently removed.

When the accrual date for tax directive applications with the reason ‘Emigration withdrawal’ is dated after 1 March 2022 the following supporting documents must be attached to the tax directive application submitted through eFiling to prevent the tax directive being rejected:

  • The emigration application (MP336(b)) with a date stamp before 1 March 2021; and
  • The letter issued by the Authorised dealer must indicate that the emigration is recognised for purposes of exchange control before 1 March 2022 (SARB Approval date).

You can refer to the following guides:

  • Guide to Complete the Tax Directive Application Forms here and the
  • External Guide on Tax Directive for Emigration, Cease to be resident and Expiry of visas here.

Need assistance

Email enquiries and questions to Technical@Saiba.Org.Za for further assistance.

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