Customs Registration Licensing Document was updated on 19 April 2022


The Customs External Policy Document regarding registration, licensing and designation effective from 1 October 2021 was updated. Find the guide Here.

Information and Implications

The facility codes used in Box 30 on the Customs Clearance Declaration (CCD) have been updated to include the licensing of a new container depot in Cape Town.

Implications if the applicable facility codes listed in SC-CF-19-A02 is not inserted in Box 30 on the CCD :

  • Customs will not be able to transmit electronic messages to the licensed facility in terms of the status of the consignment and
  • the CCD will be rejected.

Context for beginners

Before submitting a Customs Clearance Declaration (CCD), the person applying (importers and exporters and their clearing or registered agents) must be registered or licensed as prescribed in Registration, Licensing and Designation external policy (SC-CF-19).

Need assistance

Should you require assistance with your Customs Clearance Declaration (CCD), submit a query Here and SAIBA’s Tax Operational Support will contact you or send an email to Taxtech@Saiba.Org.Za.

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