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Cryptocurrencies: US Treasury framework to regulate digital assets

7 July 2022

In response to President Biden’s executive order, the United States Treasury Secretary provided a framework for regulating digital assets.

The goal is to use an interagency approach to address risks and maximize the potential benefits of digital assets like cryptocurrency and the underlying technology. One way to do this is through international engagement to modify, improve, and accelerate the adoption of global principles and standards for how digital assets are used and transacted. 

Back to basics

Do you need to know more about cryptocurrencies?

Learn more about it! Learn about our CPD event on cryptocurrencies tax consequences here.

What do we cover:

  • Understand what cryptocurrencies are.
  • Possess a foundational understanding of blockchain technology and its current use.
  • Awareness of the investment opportunities in the market (NFTs, Metaverse, utility tokens etc.).
  • Be able to advise clients about the tax treatment of cryptocurrency transactions according to SARS.
  • Be updated on the latest regulatory developments in the cryptocurrency market.  

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