Companies Act, 71 of 2008 (including Oct 2021 proposals) and Regulations

Aug 26, 2022

Notice is given to submit all foreign national’s personal information listed in section (5)(a), (b), (c) and (g) and the assurance thereof for registering as a customer, appointment and changes of director information, or other purpose communicated by the CIPC. The documents should be submitted in electronic format on the available electronic platforms as communicated by the Commission, to the Commission for assurance before transacting on any of its electronic platforms. The certification of the foreign issued identity document or passport must meet the CIPC requirements for national and/or international certification of documents.

Section 24(5): A company’s record of directors must include, in respect of each director, that person’s:

  • (a) full name, and any former names;
  • (b) identity number or, if the person does not have an identity number, the person’s date of birth;
  • (c) nationality and passport number, if the person is not a South African;
  • (d) occupation;
  • (e) date of their most recent election or appointment as director of the company;
  • (f) name and registration number of every other company or foreign company of which the person is a director, and in the case of a foreign company, the nationality of that company; and
  • (g) any other prescribed information.

For further information on CIPC processes you can read on their website here.

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