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Ensure you retain your CPD credits by only participating in CPD activities verified by a Recognized Control Body (RCB).

CIBA has proven track record through monitoring as registered RCB.

2024 CPD Bundles

Preloaded Recordings plus CPD events released during 2024.

2023 CPD Bundles

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A license serves as confirmation that you are not just a general business accountant but have specialised, refined your skills within a specific sector or area of the industry, and have earned statutory recognition in that field. 


BAP(SA)s showcase these certificates when performing higher risk engagements, for example:


Independent Review Specialist:

  • Financial institutions with credit applications,
  • The National Lotto Commission, with funding applications,
  • Clients during Independent Review engagements,
  • Companies Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) with annual reports and filings,
  • etc.

Business Rescue Specialist:

  • Companies Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) during Business Rescue engagements,
  • Clients during Turnaround engagements



Qualify modules for BAP(SA) Designation

Do you want to open your own accounting practice?

If you are a graduate,

with prior accounting experience,

then these core modules could be your gateway to the designation.


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