2022 Tax Filing Season is open

Notice issued on 29 June 2022

SARS highlighted changes to the 2022 Tax Filing Season.

Filing Season, opening during the first week of July, includes all categories of individual taxpayers, provisional and non-provisional, as well as trusts.

A. Auto Assessments will be issued for over 3 million individual non-provisional taxpayers, who will not have to file a tax return if they are satisfied with the outcome. The steps in the Auto Assessment process are highlighted in the Media Release.

B. Non-provisional taxpayers who did not get an auto-assessment and who are required to file a return can do so from 1 July 2022 up until 24 Oct 2022.

C. Provisional taxpayers as well as Trust submissions can start with filing a return from 1 July 2022 until 23 January 2023.

Taxpayers are urged to wait for the email and SMS and not to visit SARS branches during the first week of July. Those who still prefer to visit SARS branches are reminded to make a booking on our appointment system.

Penalties for non-compliance

We should be aware that with the use of technology and data SARS significantly sharpened its capability to detect non-compliance.  Such non-compliance were made hard and costly. It is a criminal offence not to file your tax return or provide inaccurate or incomplete information. SARS will impose penalties for both late- as well as inaccurate/incomplete declarations.

  • Understatement penalty can be charged of up to 200%
  • Administrative non-compliance penalty is a penalty of up to R16000 per month for every month that a tax return remains outstanding.
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